The Perfect Autumn Day

Sitting outside in this chair. It’s an absolutely beautiful day- The sun is shining brightly and full. The clouds are little magical pillows in the sky and the breeze is cool. Crisp. The perfect autumn day. I suppose I “should” be feeling amazing right now- I’m off work. Filled with nourishing food. My hot tea… Continue reading The Perfect Autumn Day

Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 2)

Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by! This post is the second part to an earlier post last week. If you’ve not read it yet, I highly encourage you to start here 🙂 So without further ado, I’ll continue on.. 🙂 So you know how I told you that I’m a highly emotional person as well… Continue reading Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 2)

Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 1)

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I have something to confess. I mean, it’s nothing life-threatening or anything. However, it causes me pain in multiple areas of my life each time it happens. It makes me feel bad about myself. Mentally. Socially. Physically. And yet, I still can’t seem to STOP DOING IT. Like, “What the heck is wrong with me?”… Continue reading Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 1)