Another one bites the dust

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SO I told you I wasn’t perfect. And I’ve got last night to PROVE it.

Am I proud of this?


Not in the slightest.

I mean, I surely didn’t feel all that great afterward, so I took at least one lesson from last night’s crazy love affair.

You know when something looks so beautiful, and amazing, and delicious that you could start drooling at the mere idea of having it?

Yeah. That was me.

Last night.

In the shadows.

Ugh. I’m a little embarrassed, honestly. A little disappointed in myself. But today is a new day.

So, back to last night.

I had a ridiculous and crazy love affair. I mean, so ridiculous.

And I just couldn’t stop myself.

I literally went crazy in a kitchen full of food I NEVER buy for my own home. In fact THIS STORY is the exact REASON I do not buy foods that tempt me so badly that I give in. All inhibitions out the window, folks!

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That’s right. You’re starting to see my point:

Chips! Chocolates! Freeze-dried fruits! MORE CHIPS!!

Crackers, and Clif Bars, and ooey-gooey snacky-snacks…all for me!

And I ate them. All.

And let me tell you — (it didn’t feel good.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong it was FUN but the after-shock it had on my body was not that awesome.

But you know what? I can’t beat myself up over it.


Because it’s pointless.

Because I learned something.

Because today is a new day.

Because..why waste my life worrying about things of the past? Why be mean to myself?

It is what it is, and I’ll do better next time.


What to take from this story?

I hope you come away with

  • A little more patience. (With yourself.)
  • A little more self-love.
  • A little more compassion – honoring where you are in your journey. In life, in health, in love.

I hope you can start truly forgiving yourself. Quickly. (And often.)

I hope you realize that we all make mistakes. (Yes. Even me!)

We all have to learn somehow. And it’s perfectly okay to be right where we are right now. In this moment.

We are okay. In this moment.

All is well.

So here’s to my moment of becoming a junk-food junkie again! HOORAY!! It was fun.

BUT: Today is a brand new day. I’ve got my green smoothie and a huge jar of water right next to me while I type this. It’s time for my body to cleanse. Time to get back to where I left off.

I can do this! And you can too.

Start doing better for yourself right now. You won’t regret it.

With love and gratitude and sincere compassion for all of humanity,
I love you.

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