Quitting Smoking. (The process — part 2)



Before we start, have you checked out the beginning to this story? Check it out here: Quitting Smoking. (The process — part 1)

I finally decided that I had to quit.

I must.

I was sneaking around so that people wouldn’t look down on me.

Especially my family.

All of them, but more importantly my dad and my neice.

I was making friends with the wrong crowd. The wrong kinds of people. (People I didn’t want to become myself.)

I was tired of smelling like an ash tray. Tired of worrying about my health. (I could feel my shortness of breath and my dry skin.)

And most of all, I was tired of shelling out my hard-earned money for cancer sticks. I can’t even imagine how much money I spent over the course of 3.5 years of smoking! It’s ridiculous.

How I tried to quit:

I first tried to quit by reducing the amount of cigarettes I would allow myself per day.

I decided that my average amount I smoked was like 4-6, so I’d limit myself to 4 starting out.

That didn’t quite work out so well, because on my most stressful days, I couldn’t help but smoke more than the allotted amount.

I had no will-power or self-control.

So attempt #1? No go.

Full pack of gigarettes + stress + no will-power = Impossible situation for Brittany to quit for good.

I then decided to wean myself off of cigarettes by switching to cigars. (They were “healthier” or so I thought at the time.)

Then I became addicted to cigars.

I found out just how healthy those turned out to be afterall..

Not healthy at all.

The problem here was the root cause. WHY I wanted to smoke in the first place. I was still addicted to getting a “fix” of some sort.

I had all sorts of triggers that required smoking as a remedy.

They include:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Driving
  • Other Smokers
  • Advertisements for cigarettes
  • Movies with people smoking in them
  • When I was anxious, depressed, or bored
  • Hanging out with my boyfriend (who was a smoker)

How I quit for good:

I fell in love with a boy. (Well, that’s not the whole story.)

An old friend of mine and I became closer.

We dated.

He was a non-smoker, and hated the taste and smell of smoke/smokers. He told me he wouldn’t kiss me if I smoked.

I decided that kisses were worth more than the smokes, so I quit.

Cold Turkey.

Just quit.

Because I had to.

For myself. For my life.

This man is now my husband. I am so grateful he came into my life at just the right moment. When I was ready. Prepared. And helped me. Helped me quit that old habit that did me no good at all.

It’s been 4 years this month since I’ve touched a cigarette. I packed away my old habit. And my life is forever changed because of it.

I’m healthier, brighter, more honest, pure, happy, and beautiful because of it.

I have stronger, more thriving relationships because of quitting smoking.

Now let’s get real here.

Was it easy?



Did I want to give up?

OH yeah. Every day.


I had to be tough. Mentally tough.

I had to distance myself from my old friends. They were no good for me.

I had to CHANGE MY LIFE-STYLE to tackle my goals.

It wasn’t until I had to quit smoking, that I finally did.

It wasn’t until I said “No.”

It wasn’t until I said “I’m not a smoker anymore” that I quit.

For good.

Do you struggle with quitting smoking? Did you ever smoke, and quit for good? How did you do it? Leave your comments below! 🙂

With peace and love and a whole ‘lotta gratitude,
❤ Brittany

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