Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 1)

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I have something to confess.

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I mean, it’s nothing life-threatening or anything.

However, it causes me pain in multiple areas of my life each time it happens.

It makes me feel bad about myself.




And yet, I still can’t seem to STOP DOING IT.

Like, “What the heck is wrong with me?”

Actually, Wait.

I take that question back. It’s not really a great question.

My brain will naturally search for an answer to this question.

And if the question is a bad question, I’ll get exactly that:

A bad answer.

My mind will think up negative thoughts, which will make me feel negative, and..well. Anyway.

A better question could be:

“What lesson have I not mastered yet?”


I like that better.

So back to my confession.


Here it is.

Are you ready?

I’m not sure I am.

Hold on just a second.



Here goes.

For real this time!

The truth is that…

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I said it.

Wow, that feels great to get off my chest.

I eat too much. That’s the truth.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wait, I thought she was a health coach..Aren’t they supposed to be perfect and have no struggles or something?!

Well no, actually.

That’s why I know what NOT to do, because I have struggled with it before and struggle with is sometimes still.

You see, I eat until I’m full and then I keep on eating.

Then I find something sweet and eat that too.

A few minutes later I might “need” a snack.

So then I eat. And I continue eating.

And then my stomach feels as though it might RUPTURE…

Then I drink a glass of water and go collapse on the kitchen floor.

Oh the joy of food comas.

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What bliss!

There are 2 things you should know about me:

#1. I am an extremely emotional person. See for yourself here labeled under “Weaknesses.” —> Meyer’s Briggs Personality Type: ENFP.


#2. I’m an emotional eater.


Stop right there.

I know you’re a smart person and can probably figure this out.

Can you see how this might cause some problems in my life?

Just think about it for a little while.

Say…a week or so?

Because I’ll be back next Tuesday to tell you about how I battle this head on!

—> Meeting my struggle with love, compassion, and positivity. 🙂

I love you.

With the most love and gratitude a heart can hold,
<3 Brittany

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Reach out if you need help! Let me know what comes up for you while reading this. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

“Now go feel alive! And don’t forget to LIVE WITH PASSION!”

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