Facing your fears head on (Part 2)

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Photo Credit: Nikki Durham
Photo Credit: Nikki Durham

Continuing on from my last post..

“I kept rationalizing in my mind that it was “okay” that I kept walking. That I didn’t need to pick up that ONE TINY LITTLE bag out of the bushes anyway….


I turn around.

Walking at a quick pace now…”

I say to myself:

“No, Brittany. Face your fear head on. Do NOT give in to fear! Conquer it NOW. You’re going to go. Crawl. Pick up trash. Crawl back out. Victoriously. And you’re going to be JUST FINE.”

And that’s just what I did.

I crawled through that moist, wet grass.

And brush.

I ducked my head under limbs.

The limbs coming from bushes reaching out for the sun’s precious rays of light.


And you wouldn’t guess what.

Not only one piece of trash, but two.

And you know what else?

No spiders. No bites. No snakes. No predators.

Just me and nature.

And what a beautiful thing.

“Thank you nature for being my friend today,” I say out loud — as I get back out on the trail that leads home.

I then leapt the highest leap and shouted high above the trees..“WHOO HOO!!!!”

Jumped into the air. Breathed the deepest breath.

I felt amazing.

Because I did it.

I faced my fear.

I conquered my MIND. And what a powerful thing.

Fear IS only an emotion, you know.

I forget too sometimes, and that’s okay.

Fear is only a feeling. A bunch of electric impulses going off in the brain. Signaling to each other.

It’s not REAL. Not tangible.

Unless we believe it is. Unless we believe our thoughts.

A well-trained mind conquers.

I still have a lonnnnnnng way to go, but I’m on my way to conquering my own thoughts on a daily basis.

It’s a process. And I’ll have to give it time.

But it’s the tiny, every day steps that will lead me there.

That will lead my to VICTORY.

So. To you, the reader:

–> What chatty electric impulses are holding YOU back from living an extraordinary life?

Please feel free to comment below with any thoughts that come up for you. I respond to EVERY one.

I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Live a life of adventure. OF challenge. Gratitude & love. Tell people how you really feel about them.

Live with integrity. Live with PASSION!

I love you.

With all the strength, joy, and passion a heart can hold,
<3 Brittany

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