6-week Program

This program was made with love for those select people who say “Yes!”

Yes to becoming their best selves. Yes to vibrance. Yes to life! Feel amazing in your own skin. Find your true beauty that comes from within. Join me for a fun, adventurous, and (vulnerable at times) transformation! Because you deserve it ❤



  • Finally get those results you crave
  • LOOK and FEEL lighter, more energized, and full joy!
  • Gain the self satisfaction that “Yes! I’m really doing it!” (What an amazing feeling!)
  • Have more energy throughout the day (get over that 2:00pm energy slump!)
  • Gain the tools you need to make positive & lasting change
  • Learn how to get noticeable results on your own, once our work together is completed
  • Get access to my full repertoire of simple & easy recipes full of flavor and COMPLETELY beneficial to your health and to your goals!
  • Learn how to prepare meals & tasty guilt-free treats
  • Finally fit into your ‘skinny’ jeans (and look damn good in them too!)
  • Gain the confidence you need in order to do what you really want in life
  • Learn to truly trust yourself & learn how to form good decisions in your health and in your life




  • Your personal health assessment
  • A goal session where we devise a clear & focused plan for you to achieve your personal health goals
  • 3, 1-hour Skype or telephone sessions, where we discuss your health goals & achievements. This is where we push through those fears that set you back from the true freedom you desire.
  • Specific action steps for you to take each day
  • A fully tailored meal-plan
  • Complete support in your health journey every step of the way (I’m here to make sure you succeed!)
  • 42-day email support
  • A 100% dedicated accountability partner throughout your entire transformation process
Your Breakthrough Journey Investment:

$280 for Private Coaching

Tired of the way things are? Ready to get your life back?

Get started now on your journey to true beauty and vibrance!

Be done with feeling defeated. Get rid of your guilt. Invest in your own personal and radical health transformation. Because you deserve it.

Click here to get started now!

With tons of love and whole ‘lotta gratitude,
❤ Brittany

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