Facing your fears head on (Part 1)

Photo Credit: James Rodriguez
Photo Credit: James Rodriguez

Today on my (what turned out to be) 75-minute walk/run, I saw so much litter that I just HAD to do something about it.

It was one of those moments when you’re just about to walk by one little candy wrapper, and start to feel okay about just “ignoring” it, but once you look ahead, you notice SO MUCH MORE litter?

Well, today was one of those days for me. And I couldn’t NOT do something about it.


I picked up the litter I saw. (Like, not just the “big” and “easy” pieces to pick up, I mean EVERYTHING.)

From the tiniest pieces of fuzz to big card board boxes.

I held all of it in my hands.

And kept walking.

In the crisp, fresh morning air. (A vague sense within me that the sun would soon roll out of bed and rise up like I know she always does. After all, the sun never misses her morning wake-up alarm.)

Rain came the night before and dew covered the earth in it’s entirety.

And as I walked along the path on the journey home, I noticed a Lay’s chip bag — deeply entrenched within the grasp of a nearby bush.

Alongside it thick brush. Vines. Grass. Once living branches now withered away..until next spring.

I notice the bag.

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Bright. Yellow. — It calls to me.

But as soon as I start moving over to retrieve the bag..

The mental chatter grows louder —

“Wait a minute.

OOh, Uhh.

I’m not so sure about this.

I mean, you know..spiders and webs and bugs and..

I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to risk getting bit by a spider.. and all for this one bag..”


I said to the bush and all of his friends around him:

“You know, I would SO go pick that bag up right now, but I honestly find it much more painful to crawl through that brush, and risk spiders crawling down by shirt and wounding me than I find pleasure in helping the environment by picking that trash up.

SO. I apologize. I’m just too afraid.

(And at least I’m admitting it!) Besides, I’ve already picked up so much trash today, that I think it would be okay just this once to keep on walking. I hope you understand.”

And I walked away.

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Down the path I continued..

But my thoughts kept racing.

Something inside me just didn’t feel right about what just took place.

I kept rationalizing in my mind that it was “okay” that I kept walking. That I didn’t need to pick up that ONE TINY LITTLE bag out of the bushes anyway.

Someone who actually gets PAID for trash-duty will take care of it. I’m just trying to help out a little.. not do EVERYTHING!

And that’s when it hit me..

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

Number 1: I’m cowarding out because of some fear that I made up in my MIND.

Number 2: I’m expecting someone ELSE to do it?!


I immediately turned around and said to myself:

“What’s the WORST thing that could happen?

And, how realistic is it that my vision would come true?

Not highly.”


I turn around.

Walking at a quick pace now…

And what happens next?

Stay tuned for the final part of the story!

..Until next Tuesday 😉

Please feel free to comment below with any thoughts that come up for you. I respond to EVERY one.

I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Live a life of adventure. OF challenge. Gratitude & love. Tell people how you really feel about them.

Live with integrity. Live with PASSION!

I love you.

With all the strength, joy, and passion a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

Just send it down the river

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So as I sat down this morning, on the patio chair, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by my thoughts.

Thoughts about this person I know kept coming into my mind. This person keeps messaging me over and over without allowing me time to respond back.

I feel a bit frustrated and upset about this. It’s really annoying to me.

Even the thought of this person right now makes me cringe.

So as I sat in my chair this morning, in silent meditation – the sun coming up, peeking its little rays of light through the trees – I had a realization.

And with that realization was this:

I have the choice to allow thoughts to come in to my mind.
Stay in my mind.
To give time & energy to them.
And to let them pass on freely because I choose for them to.

So as I sat, (journal in hand,) my mind immediately pictured a river.

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A river that’s long.

And winding.

Peaceful. Tranquil. Calm.

And at the end of that river, a waterfall.

Huge. Strong. Flowing.

I suddenly got a vision.

That vision was this: that I can allow my thoughts to pass out of my brain, out of my mind, and into the river.

And that my thought can wind down, down, & down the flowing stream.

And the images of the thought, the sounds of the thought, flowing along with it.

Well let’s test this out. My thought was of this woman.

She and her short, curly hair.

Blabbering on and on about how she needs this and needs that.

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Photo Credit:

How she is trying to get me to respond to her.

Her voice chattering in my mind.

And her face. I see her so vividly.

Her mouth moving.

Her head bobbing around.

Eyes wide. Intense.

So naturally, I decided to put her in the river.

I was honestly quite tired of having her in my mind, in my head.

So I tossed her in the river and allowed her to just drift down and down.

Her head bobbing in the water. Not drowning, just floating around.

And as she drifted further down the stream, her voice became ever so distant.

Quieter and quieter as she moved on down that river.


“Ahhh!!!” she screamed.

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I smiled. In fact, I think I giggled a little under my breath. 😉

Then, “splash!”

I laugh out loud. “Haha! The waterfall.”

And off she fell.

And my mind? Free once again.

At last.

Meditation can be such a great tool.

And I’m growing more fond of it daily.

Now to you, the reader: Do YOU meditate? If so, perhaps this tool could be ever so useful for you!

The next time you have some chatterbox in your head, or an obsessive thought that keeps creeping in to the corners of your mind, try this out for yourself:

Just put the thought or the situation into a canoe.

And send it down the river.

Allow that that thought – that canoe – to just wind down the river, ever so gently.

Calmly. Peacefully.

(We don’t want to hurt it on purpose.)

We’ll just allow nature to do it’s thing.

We’ll allow it to find itself struggling against the raging waters.

And to fall. Hard.

To splash and crash into the violent waters below.

To disappear into the atmosphere as air.

So that now it’s just you.

Free to just be.

Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 2)

Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by!

This post is the second part to an earlier post last week. If you’ve not read it yet, I highly encourage you to start here 🙂

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So without further ado, I’ll continue on.. 🙂

So you know how I told you that I’m a highly emotional person as well as an emotional eater?

Well, you may be able to see the point I’m trying to get across then:
These are 2 ingredients in a recipe for disaster!

Not to mention their potential to cause some major problems for me in my daily life. (Especially if I’m caught unaware of the behavior to begin with.)

So basically, any time that I feel an emotion whether:

  • Happy. 🙂
  • Sad. 😦
  • EXCITED! 😀
  • Frustrated :-/
  • BORED 😛

I eat.

It’s not always unhealthy foods either, it’s just too much food.

So that’s THE BIG SECRET. My personal truth.

And I’m a health coach.

But I won’t hide it. I struggle too. And we’re all in this struggle together, you know.

It makes me feel better to think of it that way at least.

And I’ll tell you another thing – Sometimes I just own it. Like, I’ll be eating because I’m really nervous about something, and I’ll notice that I’m eating emotionally..

And then I keep doing it anyway.

But then I eventually stop. And my stomach will hurt.

That generally keeps me from doing it again for a long time.

Until the next time.

But I keep getting better.

In fact, I’ve learned a few tricks, rules, laws, principles, (whatever you want to call them) of eating that I’d love to share with you today.

These tiny adjustments in the way that I eat and think about food help me not only to notice when I start eating emotionally, but also to stop immediately (when I want to, of course.) 😉

Sometimes I still fail.

But that’s okay.

It’s a process.

And there’s no use beating myself up over it either.

So here they are:


#1. Eat when hungry.

#2. Stop eating when satisfied. (Not bloated, but not hungry anymore either.)

#3. Before I take a bite of food, I ask myself: “Am I eating because I feel a hunger pain in my body?” If the answer is no, I PUT THE FOOD DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND BACK UP REAL SLOWLY.

#4. Use smaller serving dishes for meals.

#5. ALWAYS put food on a serving dish. Then only eat the serving I put on the plate.

#6. Never “snack” out of the pots and pans on the stove. (Overeating is inevitable at that point.)

#7. DON’T buy snack foods I don’t want to snack on when I’m at home, alone, weak & emotional.

#8. When I bake cookies, place the “extras” OUT OF SIGHT. I will eat them all if I see them. (I’ve got some severe sweet tooth problems, my friends!)

#9. When I notice I’m eating emotionally, drink water and go outside. Breathe fresh air, and think of all the things I’m grateful for.

#10. NEVER BEAT YOURSELF UP! It only makes things worse. I accept that I didn’t do my best, and I make a vow to do better next time.

So those are some little pieces of advice that help me to keep moving forward towards my goal of living a more health-filled life.

Some other nice things to think about..


Any problem, sad emotion, or upset feeling you ever get? Someone has been there before. Or is there now.

You will be okay.

Nothing lasts forever, including painful experiences.

Allow yourself to FEEL.

(Just don’t go and eat your whole kitchen because of your feelings. Not worth it.)

And remember that I love you. ❤

Now go take some much needed time to yourself 🙂


Breathe deeply.

Think about every thing you have to be grateful for.


Be grateful.

Love yourself.

Give to others.

Remember that you are absolutely and 100% beautiful.

With the most love and gratitude a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Reach out if you need help! Let me know what comes up for you while reading this. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

“Now go feel alive! And don’t forget to LIVE WITH PASSION!”

Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 1)

I have something to confess.

Photo Credit: via
Photo Credit: via

I mean, it’s nothing life-threatening or anything.

However, it causes me pain in multiple areas of my life each time it happens.

It makes me feel bad about myself.




And yet, I still can’t seem to STOP DOING IT.

Like, “What the heck is wrong with me?”

Actually, Wait.

I take that question back. It’s not really a great question.

My brain will naturally search for an answer to this question.

And if the question is a bad question, I’ll get exactly that:

A bad answer.

My mind will think up negative thoughts, which will make me feel negative, and..well. Anyway.

A better question could be:

“What lesson have I not mastered yet?”


I like that better.

So back to my confession.


Here it is.

Are you ready?

I’m not sure I am.

Hold on just a second.



Here goes.

For real this time!

The truth is that…

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Photo Credit:



I said it.

Wow, that feels great to get off my chest.

I eat too much. That’s the truth.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wait, I thought she was a health coach..Aren’t they supposed to be perfect and have no struggles or something?!

Well no, actually.

That’s why I know what NOT to do, because I have struggled with it before and struggle with is sometimes still.

You see, I eat until I’m full and then I keep on eating.

Then I find something sweet and eat that too.

A few minutes later I might “need” a snack.

So then I eat. And I continue eating.

And then my stomach feels as though it might RUPTURE…

Then I drink a glass of water and go collapse on the kitchen floor.

Oh the joy of food comas.

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Photo Credit:

What bliss!

There are 2 things you should know about me:

#1. I am an extremely emotional person. See for yourself here labeled under “Weaknesses.” —> Meyer’s Briggs Personality Type: ENFP.


#2. I’m an emotional eater.


Stop right there.

I know you’re a smart person and can probably figure this out.

Can you see how this might cause some problems in my life?

Just think about it for a little while.

Say…a week or so?

Because I’ll be back next Tuesday to tell you about how I battle this head on!

—> Meeting my struggle with love, compassion, and positivity. 🙂

I love you.

With the most love and gratitude a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Reach out if you need help! Let me know what comes up for you while reading this. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

“Now go feel alive! And don’t forget to LIVE WITH PASSION!”

Let’s get real for a second


Healthy eating isn’t all that difficult. After all, if we just go back to the basics, things can get quite simple.

Some simple guidelines to a healthy life:

* Eat when hungry.

* Stop eating when full.

* Eat foods that make us feel alive, that fill us with sustaining energy.

* Don’t buy foods that we don’t want in our bodies.

* DO think only positive and nourishing thoughts.

* Don’t go to restaurants that don’t serve the food we wish to put in our bodies.

* Eat balanced meals. Too much of anything can be harmful to the body.

* Keep it simple.

* When in doubt, ask a mentor.

We’re in this together. We can do this!

Let’s make tremendous progress, one step at a time. It’s that simple 🙂

I love you.

With all the gratitude and love a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

P.S. If you’re looking for a mentor, I’d LOVE to help! Get the results you want—> Your Way.


❤ Okay, Have a beautiful day!! XOXO 😀