Confessions of a “Foodaholic” (Part 1)

I have something to confess.

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I mean, it’s nothing life-threatening or anything.

However, it causes me pain in multiple areas of my life each time it happens.

It makes me feel bad about myself.




And yet, I still can’t seem to STOP DOING IT.

Like, “What the heck is wrong with me?”

Actually, Wait.

I take that question back. It’s not really a great question.

My brain will naturally search for an answer to this question.

And if the question is a bad question, I’ll get exactly that:

A bad answer.

My mind will think up negative thoughts, which will make me feel negative, and..well. Anyway.

A better question could be:

“What lesson have I not mastered yet?”


I like that better.

So back to my confession.


Here it is.

Are you ready?

I’m not sure I am.

Hold on just a second.



Here goes.

For real this time!

The truth is that…

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I said it.

Wow, that feels great to get off my chest.

I eat too much. That’s the truth.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wait, I thought she was a health coach..Aren’t they supposed to be perfect and have no struggles or something?!

Well no, actually.

That’s why I know what NOT to do, because I have struggled with it before and struggle with is sometimes still.

You see, I eat until I’m full and then I keep on eating.

Then I find something sweet and eat that too.

A few minutes later I might “need” a snack.

So then I eat. And I continue eating.

And then my stomach feels as though it might RUPTURE…

Then I drink a glass of water and go collapse on the kitchen floor.

Oh the joy of food comas.

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What bliss!

There are 2 things you should know about me:

#1. I am an extremely emotional person. See for yourself here labeled under “Weaknesses.” —> Meyer’s Briggs Personality Type: ENFP.


#2. I’m an emotional eater.


Stop right there.

I know you’re a smart person and can probably figure this out.

Can you see how this might cause some problems in my life?

Just think about it for a little while.

Say…a week or so?

Because I’ll be back next Tuesday to tell you about how I battle this head on!

—> Meeting my struggle with love, compassion, and positivity. 🙂

I love you.

With the most love and gratitude a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Reach out if you need help! Let me know what comes up for you while reading this. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

“Now go feel alive! And don’t forget to LIVE WITH PASSION!”

Let’s get real for a second


Healthy eating isn’t all that difficult. After all, if we just go back to the basics, things can get quite simple.

Some simple guidelines to a healthy life:

* Eat when hungry.

* Stop eating when full.

* Eat foods that make us feel alive, that fill us with sustaining energy.

* Don’t buy foods that we don’t want in our bodies.

* DO think only positive and nourishing thoughts.

* Don’t go to restaurants that don’t serve the food we wish to put in our bodies.

* Eat balanced meals. Too much of anything can be harmful to the body.

* Keep it simple.

* When in doubt, ask a mentor.

We’re in this together. We can do this!

Let’s make tremendous progress, one step at a time. It’s that simple 🙂

I love you.

With all the gratitude and love a heart can hold,
❤ Brittany

P.S. If you’re looking for a mentor, I’d LOVE to help! Get the results you want—> Your Way.


❤ Okay, Have a beautiful day!! XOXO 😀

Another one bites the dust

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SO I told you I wasn’t perfect. And I’ve got last night to PROVE it.

Am I proud of this?


Not in the slightest.

I mean, I surely didn’t feel all that great afterward, so I took at least one lesson from last night’s crazy love affair.

You know when something looks so beautiful, and amazing, and delicious that you could start drooling at the mere idea of having it?

Yeah. That was me.

Last night.

In the shadows.

Ugh. I’m a little embarrassed, honestly. A little disappointed in myself. But today is a new day.

So, back to last night.

I had a ridiculous and crazy love affair. I mean, so ridiculous.

And I just couldn’t stop myself.

I literally went crazy in a kitchen full of food I NEVER buy for my own home. In fact THIS STORY is the exact REASON I do not buy foods that tempt me so badly that I give in. All inhibitions out the window, folks!

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That’s right. You’re starting to see my point:

Chips! Chocolates! Freeze-dried fruits! MORE CHIPS!!

Crackers, and Clif Bars, and ooey-gooey snacky-snacks…all for me!

And I ate them. All.

And let me tell you — (it didn’t feel good.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong it was FUN but the after-shock it had on my body was not that awesome.

But you know what? I can’t beat myself up over it.


Because it’s pointless.

Because I learned something.

Because today is a new day.

Because..why waste my life worrying about things of the past? Why be mean to myself?

It is what it is, and I’ll do better next time.


What to take from this story?

I hope you come away with

  • A little more patience. (With yourself.)
  • A little more self-love.
  • A little more compassion – honoring where you are in your journey. In life, in health, in love.

I hope you can start truly forgiving yourself. Quickly. (And often.)

I hope you realize that we all make mistakes. (Yes. Even me!)

We all have to learn somehow. And it’s perfectly okay to be right where we are right now. In this moment.

We are okay. In this moment.

All is well.

So here’s to my moment of becoming a junk-food junkie again! HOORAY!! It was fun.

BUT: Today is a brand new day. I’ve got my green smoothie and a huge jar of water right next to me while I type this. It’s time for my body to cleanse. Time to get back to where I left off.

I can do this! And you can too.

Start doing better for yourself right now. You won’t regret it.

With love and gratitude and sincere compassion for all of humanity,
I love you.

Stop beating yourself up. (Yes, you!)

DSC_0236 copy

Let’s get real for a second here. You with me?


The fact of life is that we all make mistakes. Even though I hate to admit it sometimes, I make mistakes. And on a daily basis, at that!

I would just relish in the fact that ‘I am perfect,’ but I’m not, So I’ll have to get over it. We all will. Because nobody’s perfect

So now that I’ve made it a well-known fact that we’re not perfect, why do we all seem to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake?

It makes no sense to me.

I am the world’s worst at this too!

If I blurt out something I ‘shouldn’t have,’ or do something out of character, I am the meanest person to myself. I believe that “I should have known better” and that “I should never do that thing ever again!”

Even if it were something as little as eating a bite of cake when I promised to lose 5 pounds before that one person’s wedding.

(I totally just made that up, but whatever. We’ll go with it. You still with me?)

So the point of my post is this: STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP SO MUCH.

I don’t care what happened.

Just let it go. Be free. Be gentle. And be kind (to yourself, especially!)

Life is not as serious as we make it out to be.

Find your joy.

Find your laughter.

Laugh at yourself, instead of criticize.

Love with your whole heart. Your entire being.

Live a more playful and joy-filled life.

(You’ll be happier and healthier for it too!)

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being you. A loving person, full of love and joy and potential and strength.

I love you.

With super-charged gratitude and a passion that sets my soul on fire,
❤ Brittany

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Until next time..

Give me a break, give me a break..

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—> “Life is too stressful.”

—> “Where’s the joy?”

—> “Why can’t I be perfect?”

—> “I’m a failure. Why do I keep failing?”

—> “I can never do this. I quit.”

Ever have thoughts like these?

Ever feel like this?

Well I think I may have one possible solution for you. (and me as well!)

And that solution is this:



I said it!

Let your hair down.

Set aside some time (on your calendar even!) and just rest.

We all need rest.

And most likely, if you’re reading this right now, you’ve been too hard on yourself. (Beating yourself up, perhaps.)

Maybe you’re doing way too much. You’re overwhelmed.

You’ve been going, going, going. Non-stop.

You feel out of control.

And you know what?

It’s time to give yourself a break.

Think about something you want to do SO badly, but you never “have the time.”

    Maybe it’s:

  • Finally getting that pedicure.
  • Getting your hair styled.
  • Going for a massage.
  • Taking a bubble bath (wine, anyone?!)
  • Making time to shave them legs! (I know I put this off b/c of time crunch, but it feels so nice to be cleanly shaven. Don’t skip out anymore!)
  • Meditation.
  • Going for a walk, breathing in all the fresh morning air.

Whatever the case, make time for yourself. This is also called self-care

You may be a mommy, a wife, a busy student, or you might just work such crazy hours you feel you don’t even have enough time in the day for the ‘important tasks.’

Well I’m here to tell you that you’ll never have the time unless you make the time.

Create amazing time with yourself. Care for yourself.

You’ll feel better. You’ll feel happier. You’ll be more fun to be around.

Win the day.

Take a time-out.

Buy a treat. And eat it. Have it all to yourself. And no sharing! (This is your time.)

Take a breather. And stop taking life so seriously.

There’s beauty everywhere. Choose to see it today.

I love you forever and always,
❤ Brittany