Benefits of Change (why I keep going)

Change is uncomfortable. I don’t like it. Being uncomfortable? Forget it. If I have a choice between pain and comfort, I will instinctually choose comfort over pain any day. It’s in my nature. It’s in all our nature. But sometimes the pain of staying the same actually outweighs the pain of change. It is only… Continue reading Benefits of Change (why I keep going)

That pivotal moment

In every success story, there’s always that pivotal moment when the person living in defeat realizes they need a change. Then they make it. That pivotal moment defines them. The pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change. It is in that moment that heroes are born. My old story I used to… Continue reading That pivotal moment


If you want real change-to be healthy, fit, & vibrant- you’ve got to want it bad enough that you’ll do ANYTHING for it! If you really want vibrant health, you gotta start quitting. (Quitting’s not all bad, you know!) We’re taught all our lives that quitting is a terrible thing. Well, I’m here to tell… Continue reading Determination

Hello, and welcome!

Hey friends! Brittany here. My health coaching website is now officially up (yes!) and my first piece of advice for you is this: Eat your greens! And eat lots of them! Greens are awesome. Fresh greens especially. They are alive! So they make you feel alive too 🙂 Fresh greens, whether added to your favorite… Continue reading Hello, and welcome!