Just a little message..

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It’s been way too long since I’ve written you a love note! So, may I just say..

It’s all going to be okay. (whatever “it” is.)

The clouds will pass with time. Darkness always fades to light.

And laughter is waiting just around the corner.

You are enough.

Your life is a masterpiece.

You are beautiful, especially all the messy parts.

We are human, we are one.

Just a little message from a girl with a pen in her hand and a song in her soul..

I love you.

❤ Brittany

The Perfect Autumn Day

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Sitting outside in this chair.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day- The sun is shining brightly and full. The clouds are little magical pillows in the sky and the breeze is cool. Crisp.

The perfect autumn day.

I suppose I “should” be feeling amazing right now- I’m off work. Filled with nourishing food. My hot tea keeping me company. I feel the cool breeze on my skin. The sunshine warms me. Soaks into my body from outside the threads that cover my human form.

No expectations from anyone.

Just being.

But there’s this incessant feeling I have deep within me. Chest aching. Stomach churning.

The feeling of unease. The background of my mind moves as if searching for something.

Answers, maybe.

Leaving me feeling incomplete in this moment, as if something is missing.

And I believe it has nothing to do with what’s going on externally, and that it has everything to do with me.

Perhaps there are no external expectations on this day, but internally, I have many mental boxes that have left to be checked off. That running list of things I feel I must do…or else!

“Or else” you might ask?

Or else.. I won’t:

-be good enough.
-reach my full potential.
-feel worthy.
-feel accomplished.
-be successful.
-become financially independent.
-get out on my own and live the life of my dreams-living on MY terms.

Total illusions of reality.

So many “or else’s” it can become overwhelming to write them all out.

But in doing so, in writing out all of those persuasive reasons as to why I feel bad and incomplete in this moment, it helps me to realize something.

It helps me to realize that every feeling I ever experience in my body comes from my thoughts. From my mind. Like my mind and body are completely and wholly and directly linked to one another.

That realization is so powerful. And freeing if I allow it to be.

Because, you see, as soon as I come to realize that what I’m feeling is a direct reflection of what’s going on in my mind, I end up with 2 choices:

#1. To change my thoughts which in turn will change the feelings in my body.


#2. To continue the exact same thought pattern, getting the same results- good, bad, or otherwise.

These anxious, tense, and uncomfortable feelings in my body are mere creations of my mental habits.

Worrying about the future-about not having enough, not doing enough, not being enough. Never “arriving” to enjoy my successes.

But the truth is that I’m already a success. I’m a success right now.

-I’m alive.
-I’m breathing.
-I’m growing.

And isn’t that one of the main purposes of our existence anyway?

So yeah, I may not be where I want to be…but I’m absolutely positive that I’m where I’m supposed to be right now In my life. In this moment. In this journey of existence.

And in order for me to become this huge success that I have envisioned for myself?

Well, that will take work. That will take being first, unsuccessful.

To be doing- well, the work I’m doing right now.

So I’m deciding now, in this moment, that I am okay. I’m finding my feet once again. I’m embracing where I am right now.

And I’m honoring myself.

Because truthfully, I am exactly the person I need to be now, in order to become the person I want to be in the future. In order to reach my destination.

So I’m going to keep on keeping on. Keep my nose to the grindstone, doing whatever it takes to get to where I’m going.

All the while knowing that I will meet hardship. Pain. Sadness & defeat.

But that’s all a part of the process. That’s all a natural part of this life. And when I change my expectations to become aligned with the realities of this life, living it doesn’t seem so hard afterall.

I look into the sky in wonder. What an absolutely magical existence this is. The mere beauty within a single cloud. A single ray of sunshine. And how grateful I am to be a part of it.

I close my eyes and smile. I am whole once again.

Thank you for reading! I love you.

You are special, and you are divine. Keep on keeping on and know that this life is completely worth living! Find the magic and beauty in your life.

In this day. This moment.

And smile. Because all we have is now. Take advantage of the life given to you today, and make your life truly meaningful.

Take care friend. 🙂

And until next time,
❤ Brittany

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A continuous falling and picking yourself back up

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It seems so simple.

Once we’re adults, walking has pretty much become 2nd nature. (At least for me anyway.)

We can walk and do other activities, multi-tasking while walking.

Chewing bubble gum. Talking on our phones. Chatting with a friend.

Drinking tea. Holding a baby. Shopping. Eating.

We don’t take much time to think about just how simple, yet extraordinary the act of walking is.

Yet, there are many lessons to be learned from walking. After all, it is a continuous falling and picking yourself back up.

The truth is that we fall multiple times daily and we don’t even realize.

But we always manage to pick ourselves up, don’t we? It’s how we get ourselves from our current location to our destination. From point A to point B. From our now to our later.

It’s pretty fun to think of walking in that way. A continuous falling and getting back up. I feel like a super hero or something! Like my daily life is full of struggle, but I manage to get up. Keep going. Ending the day with a smile. (And a lap around the moon, or something. 🙂 )

The art of walking relates to life in so many ways.

We struggle. We’re overtaken with temptation. We get our hearts broken. We create our own pain and misery by allowing untrue & negative thoughts to make home in our minds. We get caught doing something we know we shouldn’t have.

But we’re strong. We don’t give up.

After all, giving up would just cause us more pain. Quitting causes us to become stagnant in life. To quit growing. To get rusty. Our physique softens. Our minds weaken. We’re not as sharp, not as quick.

So we get back up.

We pick ourselves up off of the floor. Wipe off the dirt. Shake the dust away.

And we become free.

Free to move, and run.

Free to soar above the earth and the trees, into the universe. Into the unknown.

Life then becomes more magical. More adventurous.

And that’s when we truly find ourselves.

But it all starts with the simple act of falling and getting back up. The simple act of walking.

When you go to walk today, gently remind yourself that today is a gift.

That today is magical.

And then find that magic. Find the magic in walking.

This is what true health is all about. To keep going. To keep motivation and inspiration at their all-time highs, so that we can make the most out of life.

So we can make a difference.

True health has no bounds. There are no rules.

Only guidelines.

And these guidelines are all personal. No 2 people are alike. What makes me feel great, may not be what makes you feel great.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan.

There is only you. And your body. And your mind. And your spirit. And your soul.

And YOU get to decide what feels right. What is the best for you.

You are the only one who answers to yourself, and what a beautiful thing!

So find what’s right for you. Help yourself. Get help and healing and inspiration from others who have been there before. Find your voice. And take note to what feels great, and what feels less than great.

Go now, my dear friend.

And find YOUR true health. ❤

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Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment or to contact me! If I can help you in ANY way, don’t hesitate to reach out! 🙂

Let me know what comes up for you when reading this. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

I love you,
❤ Brittany

“Get vibrant. Love life. Keep growing. Become your best self.”