Just send it down the river

Photo Credit: lifescapesolutions.com
Photo Credit: lifescapesolutions.com

So as I sat down this morning, on the patio chair, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by my thoughts.

Thoughts about this person I know kept coming into my mind. This person keeps messaging me over and over without allowing me time to respond back.

I feel a bit frustrated and upset about this. It’s really annoying to me.

Even the thought of this person right now makes me cringe.

So as I sat in my chair this morning, in silent meditation – the sun coming up, peeking its little rays of light through the trees – I had a realization.

And with that realization was this:

I have the choice to allow thoughts to come in to my mind.
Stay in my mind.
To give time & energy to them.
And to let them pass on freely because I choose for them to.

So as I sat, (journal in hand,) my mind immediately pictured a river.

Photo Credit: www.cebrower.com
Photo Credit: http://www.cebrower.com

A river that’s long.

And winding.

Peaceful. Tranquil. Calm.

And at the end of that river, a waterfall.

Huge. Strong. Flowing.

I suddenly got a vision.

That vision was this: that I can allow my thoughts to pass out of my brain, out of my mind, and into the river.

And that my thought can wind down, down, & down the flowing stream.

And the images of the thought, the sounds of the thought, flowing along with it.

Well let’s test this out. My thought was of this woman.

She and her short, curly hair.

Blabbering on and on about how she needs this and needs that.

Photo Credit: Genius.com
Photo Credit: Genius.com

How she is trying to get me to respond to her.

Her voice chattering in my mind.

And her face. I see her so vividly.

Her mouth moving.

Her head bobbing around.

Eyes wide. Intense.

So naturally, I decided to put her in the river.

I was honestly quite tired of having her in my mind, in my head.

So I tossed her in the river and allowed her to just drift down and down.

Her head bobbing in the water. Not drowning, just floating around.

And as she drifted further down the stream, her voice became ever so distant.

Quieter and quieter as she moved on down that river.


“Ahhh!!!” she screamed.

Photo Credit: beforethethronegr.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: beforethethronegr.wordpress.com

I smiled. In fact, I think I giggled a little under my breath. 😉

Then, “splash!”

I laugh out loud. “Haha! The waterfall.”

And off she fell.

And my mind? Free once again.

At last.

Meditation can be such a great tool.

And I’m growing more fond of it daily.

Now to you, the reader: Do YOU meditate? If so, perhaps this tool could be ever so useful for you!

The next time you have some chatterbox in your head, or an obsessive thought that keeps creeping in to the corners of your mind, try this out for yourself:

Just put the thought or the situation into a canoe.

And send it down the river.

Allow that that thought – that canoe – to just wind down the river, ever so gently.

Calmly. Peacefully.

(We don’t want to hurt it on purpose.)

We’ll just allow nature to do it’s thing.

We’ll allow it to find itself struggling against the raging waters.

And to fall. Hard.

To splash and crash into the violent waters below.

To disappear into the atmosphere as air.

So that now it’s just you.

Free to just be.

That pivotal moment

In every success story, there’s always that pivotal moment when the person living in defeat realizes they need a change. Then they make it. That pivotal moment defines them. The pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change. It is in that moment that heroes are born.


My old story

I used to be very overweight. I dealt with it for a while, but there was a certain moment when enough was enough. I was done with feeling depressed. Feeling anxious. Feeling self-hatred for my body and for myself. There was a very specific moment when I looked at my body. Looked at my circumstances. My health. And chose change. Right then and there. Here are some of the main reasons I chose change. Reasons I chose my freedom in food. (And believe me, there are plenty!)

1. I hated my body.

When I’d look in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I knew my general face was beautiful. I loved my hair. My eyes. My smile. But the rest of me could’ve used some major improvements, and I looked upon those parts with disgust. When I looked at myself in the mirroe, it was an every day reminder that I was failing. And I HATE to fail.

2. I hated my skin.

My skin was acne ridden. I tried over-the-counter products. Proactive. and nothing cleared it up for good. My skin was not healthy. At times it would become excessively dry from all the products, and then excessively oily. I just couldn’t strike a balance.

3. I didn’t look forward to going out with friends.

I hated taking pictures. My friends were always skinnier than me. I was the overweight friend in the photos, and I didn’t like being known as the ‘bigger girl.’ I would compare my size to other people-and although I wasn’t as big as some, I was definitely bigger than the majority. I hated myself. I hated the way I looked. I wanted to be free from my mental and physical bondage.

4. I didn’t look good in my clothes.

They were tight where they shouldn’t be. I just knew I could look better in my clothes by getting thinner. My weight would fluctuate so much from fat to fatter (then back down to fat) that I had clothes in all sorts of sizes, depending on which day it was. I became exhausted. Tired of figuring out what to wear, (what I COULD wear.)

5. I had massive depression and anxiety.

The foods I ate caused my mind and body to become unbalanced. My brain chemicals were all out of whack. I was depressed because I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like my appearance. I felt like a failure for not being able to get my weight under control.

I was anxious about being seen. I was afraid of what people thought about me. I wanted boys to think I was beautiful. I wanted ME to think I was beautiful. I had a great fear of being doomed to growing bigger and bigger as time went on. I was afraid of losing control.


If you’ve ever felt this in your own life, or are feeling it now, I feel your pain. If you’re experiencing pains in your own life and crave change, I can help.

Need someone to guide you toward your health goals? Want to lead the life of your dreams? Contact me. I’ll help you. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to go through your own personal hell. Don’t feel alone anymore- let’s talk.

It wasn’t until the pains of being overweight and unhealthy built up so much, that I finally made the decision to invite drastic change into my life. These changes led me to personal freedom. Freedom to eat without guilt. Freedom to experience the true joys of living.

Find your joy. Find your freedom.

With much gratitude and love,
❤ Brittany

P.S. (Please!) Let me know if I can help you in any way. I'm here on this earth for that exact purpose. Message me 🙂 I love you.